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In Extr@, four attractive 19–22 year olds are thrown together to play out their romances, life crises and contrasting
interests in a familiar sitcom setting.  A fundamental complication in their relationship is that one of  the four is an
outsider, Sam, with only a very basic grasp of Spanish.  Sam’s efforts to get to grips with the language provide the
central  dynamic  for  the  series’ language learning content.  What  makes  
Extr@ different is that the scripts have
been  carefully  written  so  that  the  language  is  simple  and  accessible  at  all  levels.  Covering  all  the  main
programmes of study, the scripts combine wit, strong character identification and a good dose of physical humor.
EPISODIO #01:  La llegada de Sam
(Sam's arrival)
Lola and Ana share an apartment in Barcelona. Their lives are
complicated with the arrival of a mystery guest, Sam from
America. Pablo, who lives opposite the girls, finds out about
Sam’s background – but tries to keep it a secret. Lola, Ana,
Pablo and Sam play out their romances, life crises and
contrasting interests – entirely in Spanish.
EPISODIO #02:  Sam va de compras
(Sam goes shopping)
In the second episode of Extra (en español), Sam has his first
experience of shopping in Spain. First he does some grocery
shopping on the internet – then Lola, Ana and Pablo decide to
give him a make-over which turns out to be a disaster – so he
ventures out to clothes shops by himself.
EPISODIO #03:  Sam aprende a ligar
(Sam learns to date)
In the third episode of Extra (en español), our friends from
Barcelona decide to find love through the internet, and Sam
decides to help out with some jobs around the flat.
EPISODIO #04:  Sam busca un trabajo
(Sam looks for work)
In this 4th episode of Extra, Lola needs a promotion to earn
more money, so she approaches her boss (The Octopus)
about it. Sam starts looking for a job, but ends up being the
waiter for Lola, during a meal with her boss, cooked by Pablo.
The evening is a disaster, but our young friends cement their
friendships as a result of it.
EPISODIO #05:  Ha nacido una estrella
(A star is born)
In this episode Sam starts to notice Ana in a romantic light and,
in a bid to win her over, starts learning to cook. Ana becomes
obsessed with television commercials, and Pablo’s acting
career receives a boost when he takes on the role of weather
EPISODIO #06:  El día de la primitiva
(Lottery day)
In this episode, Lola thinks she has won the lottery, but Sam
has lost her ticket. Pablo is also desperate to find the ticket, as
he had written a girl’s telephone number on the back. We follow
the characters as they try to find the ticket, and see the
consequences when they finally retrieve it.
EPISODIO #07:  La gemela
(The twin)
In episode 7 we discover that Lola has a twin, Cristina, who is
coming to visit. However, Sam, Pablo & Ana don’t know that
Lola has a twin, and so much confusion ensues when they
presume that Cristina is actually Lola.
EPISODIO #08:  La prima de la dueña
(The landlord's cousin)
In this episode, we meet the landlady’s cousin, Paca, who is
taking over business temporarily. Paca dislikes the girls but
takes a shine to the boys, particularly Pablo, who goes on a
series of dates with her but starts to regret it when she won’t
leave him alone. Meanwhile, the others build shelves with
disastrous consequences, and romance finally flourishes
between Ana and Sam.
EPISODIO #09:  Trabajo para los chicos
(Jobs for the guys)
Lola has a new job as a researcher at Channel 9. She
encourages Sam to audition as a reporter to impress her new
editor, but Pablo's acting tips ruin Sam's performance. Luckily,
Lucrecia the new editor finds Sam attractive and hires him
anyway. Meanwhile, Pablo is looking for a role in a
Shakespeare play, and finds a part that is not all it seems.
EPISODIO #10:  Ana protesta
(Ana protests)
Ana and her friend drop off a mysterious package, with
careful instructions on what to do. Lola is off on another press
conference. Annie has very different concerns and is
organizing a press protest outside a factory that uses animals
for testing. Later, Pablo wakes up to find out what’s in the box.
At the demonstration, Sam is instructed to find the ringleaders
and make a fool of them.
EPISODIO #11:  Tiempo de vacaciones
(Vacation times)
It’s time for a holiday and everyone has their own idea where
they should go. Pablo tells everyone that all you really need is
ticket, passport and credit card. The foursome end up in an
interesting place. There, Lola meets a guy. Meanwhile, Sam
meets a girl.
EPISODIO #12:  Fanáticos del fútbol
(Footbal fanatics)
In this episode, it’s the World Cup. Sam, Ana and Lola are
watching the game on TV. Pablo is out. Sam is depressed. Lola
is very distracted. Ana walks in on Sam's  and Lola's rehearsal,
and get's the wrong idea. Then, there's a resolution and an
interesting development.
EPISODIO #13:  Boda en el Aire
(A wedding in the air)
Sam and Ana are trying to agree on what sort of wedding they
are going to have. Ana wants a simple ceremony at the animal
sanctuary. Unfortunately for Sam, his mother is taking it all
very seriously, and is on her way over in the family jet.
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