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Languages: 8
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: USA
with an ONLINE presence.
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"Polyglots are not exceptional or special.
Rather, we are members  of  the  majority
of the human population."
 - -  - de Meij, 2005
"Skype me Maybe" sung in 30+
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Tim Doner - Hyper-Polyglot,
speaks 20+ Languages, at age 17
Dutch • PapiamentoEnglish • SpanishPortuguese • FrenchGerman Italian
My story is not unlike perhaps most polyglots in the world. I was born and raised in a multilingual &
multicultural  environment, and grew up speaking four languages  to which I was exposed,  and  in
which I  was  engaged, from  birth:
Dutch, Papiamento, English & Spanish. By the end of high
school, I was fluent and literate in these four languages. At the university level, I studied & learned
French,  German,  Italian,  Brazilian  Portuguese, Japanese,  and Greek  (in  that  order)  for
several  years, while I majored in Speech-Language Pathology & Applied Linguistics. While at the
University,  I had the opportunity  to live and work at the University of Sofia,  in Bulgaria,  for  one
summer.  While  there, I studied and learned enough
Bulgarian to meet my basic communication
needs.  A  few  years  after graduation,  I  studied
Tagalog, and  lived  with a Filipino family in the
Philippines, for one summer. Today, I speak 8 languages, w/ varying degrees of fluency, and work
full-time  as  a  World  Languages Teacher,  Private Language Instructor, Interpreter & Translator.
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Languages I am currently learning:  Greek • Russian • Japanese • Tagalog
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I attended
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Polyglot Gathering
"Knowing one foreign language sets you in a corridor for life!
Knowing multiple foreign languages opens every door along the way!"
                                                                                                                                                - - Franck Smith
Language Resource Centers
I attended the conference in
• 2015 - NYC, USA
• 2017 - Reykjavik, Iceland
• 2018 - Ljubljana, Slovenia
I hope to attend the next one
in 2019, in Fukuoka, Japan