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Once known as The Human-Languages Page, it is the
biggest and best guide to language-related Web sites.

Super Spanish Websites
Comprehensive page of resources for learning, practicing
and improving your Spanish - a "must visit" website!

David Malatesta's Web page
An amazing wealth of information on all aspects of
Hispanic culture, geography, language, and much more.

BBC Spanish Resources
Excellent!! Everything you'll need to learn & practice Spanish.
Resources include complete Video-based & Audio-based
interactive courses & games, and much more!!

BBC's El Mensual
Excellent for students and teachers. It's an audio
online magazine for teachers/students of Spanish.

Hot Internet Sites en español
Another excellent list of resources for learning/practicing
Spanish online, with many listening exercises.
Complete & free online Spanish course. Register for a free
membership, and meet new friends who will help you succeed.

The Language Menu
A free teacher's site with 17 tools to make worksheets, with or
without pictures in 33 languages;, tons of games!

Spanish Language & Culture
An excellent Spanish language & culture tutorial, with audio
and video modules & exercises. ... a site well worth visiting!

Spanish Online Resource Guide
A neatly organized site with resources for Spanish Teachers.

• Translation Dictionaries
The Visual Dictionary / El Diccionario Visual  
Huge collection of Free Spanish Translation

• Pronunciation Practice
Pronounce it! ... a rough guide to the sounds of Spanish
SpanishDict    ... with audio pronunciation for each word    ... vocab-building with audio    ... audio transl. dictionaries
Pronunciation Audio Dictionary    ... alphabetized vocab  

• Vocabulary Tutorials
Learn Spanish on lingolex   ... excellent vocabulary list
Spanish Vocabulary Builder ... build vocabulary quickly
Vocabulary Translation Exercises  [English ► Spanish]
Vocabulary Translation Exercises  [Spanish ► English]
Vocabulary Training Exercises     ... multiple languages

• Grammar / Language Tutorials / Courses
Mi Vida Loca         ...Free 12 week Video-based Course
Spanish for Travelers   ... with pronunciation audio files  ... great free Spanish tutorials ... free learn-to-speak courses     ... complete, free online course
How to learn any language for teaching yourself
Learning Spanish Guide           ... free Spanish courses ...Learn languages for FREE

• Exercises, Quizzes & Tests
Exercises, Quizzes & Tests    ... an excellent resource!    ... tests divided  into five levels
Test your Spanish  ... & take a free course at your level    ... lots of great resources
Free Online Spanish Tests      ... test your Spanish here
Spanish Proficiency Exercises    ... by level, w/ videos
Radio Stations Online  ... links to over 10.000 stations     ... stations organized by country     ... Latin music / MP3 downloads
Spanish Radio Stations  ... stations organized by country
Radio Nacional de España      ... Spain's National Radio    ... radio from Spain, with video as well
Radio (& TV) Martí        ... Live Cuban Online Radio & TV Latin music - many genres

Free Online TV for Learning Spanish    ...TV programming 4 learning Spanish
Mi Vida Loca  ...22 parts-TV mystery 4 learning Spanish
SpanishDict & BlipTV         ...Free TV 4 learning Spanish
Geography / Maps
Spanish-speaking Countries ... info organized by country
Perry Castañeda Maps Collection       ... of the Americas           ... of the whole world
• Famous Spanish-Speaking People
Famous Hispanic (Spanish-speaking) Writers ...a good list!
Españolé -general Hispanic literary sites: comprehensive!
Gabriel García Márquez   ... a complete review of his work
"Mundo Latino's" literary corner        ... excellent resource!

• Art (& Artists)
Hispanic Art Links... a huge resource 4 onlineHispanic art
Art  &  Cultural Exhibitions in the Spanish-Speaking World
Information on Goya ... a collection/review of all his work
Information on Frida Kahlo     ...a web review of her work

• Music/Dances
Mundo Latino y Música Latina ...Impressive ♪♫ resources
Music in the Spanish-Speaking World     ... excellent links
Popular & Folkloric Latin American Song Links    ...Great!!   .... all about Cuban music. Great!
Music of Puerto Rico excellent educational resource
History of Latin American Dances    ... with documentation
Salsa Web      ...the world's largest online Salsa magazine
The Dance Store Online   ... descriptions and dance music
Dance and Music of Latin America       ... lots of great info.
CLICK HERE for more links / resources on music & dance

• Foods
Españolé: Latin American Cuisine, by country

• Celebrations

• Famous People & Places

Hispanic Cultures & Contributions in the U.S.
Chat / Online Communities / KeyPals, etc.
livemocha  ... learn & practice a language w/ LIVE help  ... world-wide learners & live chat
Polyglot   ... free & great language exchange community
Global Language Exchange Community    ... free sign-up
School PenPals & KeyPals   ... listed by grade & country
ePals from around the world ... where learners connect
Games to learn/practice Spanish         ... the name says it all!
México para Niños     ... a great site with games for kids   ... fun & educational Spanish games    ... language games, by topic
Elma Eagles Games   ... v. conjugation games: 3 levels
Maurice River Township     ... huge # of language games
Game-O-Matic  ... create your own language games here     ... free & fun games in Spanish

Animations & Avatars for Practicing Spanish
Create a Spanish-speaking Avatar    .... customize it too   ... "avatarize" yourself Spanish       ... create avatars & a virtual locals
Blogs about Learning Spanish,
or other languages
A gold mine for Spanish learners  ... by María Fernández
Living Language Blog       ...worth your while! Excellent!
Sr. Petitto's Spanish Blog                     ...Excellent & cool
Online Spanish Verb Pics 01                 ... great resource
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Celebrate Languages
¡... y aprende español!
Learn more languages here.
Excellent FREE Web-Based Learning Resources
to Check Out, Use & Share!
Nulu                   ... Improve Vocabulary & Reading Ability
Vialogues                           ...worth your while! Excellent!