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L' Arc de Triomphe
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◄◄Le Ballon d'Or
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Director & Screenwriter: Cheikh Doukouré
Producer: Monique Annaud
Main Character: Aboubacar Sidiki Sumah, as Bandian
Vocab: NOUNS
Vocab: VERBS
With a little bit of magic,  a  young boy is granted his wish and becomes a
great  professional  soccer player  in  this fairy  tale  from French Guinea.
Bandian,  who  lives  in a  poor village, seems to have a knack for playing
soccer. The village witch doctor helps him by rubbing magical herbs upon
his legs.  His  math  teacher  tells  him that he will have to haul wood after
school  for  320,000  days  before  he  will be able to afford a real leather
soccer ball.  He  is  given  one by a European doctor. After that, the boy's
success  is  assured.  The  story  is  enhanced  by  local  African  music.
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