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Épisode #1:
En Famille

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[ School Version ]
We meet Madame Mimi, the new concierge, and the people who live in the apartment building where she will be working.
Madame Mimi suspects that some sort of celebration (une fête) is planned because there are balloons hanging in the foyer.
She has banned parties but she can’t prove that one is about to take place. In the end it turns out that the residents of the block
have planned a welcome party for her at the café.  

Épisode #2:
Les Copains

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[ School Version ]
A talent competition is to be held in the Café des Amis and some of the apartment residents decide to enter. We meet Sonia
Arc-en-Ciel, an artist friend of Chantal Catastrophe. We also meet Thomas’ friend Alphonse who is learning African drumming
and Laetitia and Amélie, friends of young Céline Catastrophe, with whom she is preparing a dance routine for the contest. The
noise of the preparations gives Madame Mimi a terrible heacache. Before long, Céline’s friends leave after they are unhappy
with their chosen costumes. Upstairs, Madame Zinzin is preparing a birthday surprise for her 80-year-old friend Leontine.
When the time arrives for the talent contest to start, only Alphonse is ready to perform. Céline’s friends turn up hoping to
perform, but are told it is too late but that there is a surprise entry for the competition: Céline, Sonia and Madame Mimi perform
the routine Céline and her friends had tried earlier and are a great success. At the end, a problem occurs with Leontine's
birthday surprise.  

Épisode #3:
A Table

Mobile Version
[ School Version ]
Madame Mimi arrives at work with a large box of delicious chocolates which she is hoping to keep all to herself. The
Catastrophe family members are just about to eat some chocolate croissants when Madame Catastrophe realizes they are
due for a visit from Estelle Énergie, their fitness coach. The cooking lesson that Céline and Thomas are giving in their TV
studio is interrupted by their mother and a hectic few seconds pass while they hide all the unhealthy food in their apartment.
When Estelle Énergie arrives, she is everything that we could expect and more: a bodybuilder with neat slogans. Her lesson
with the Catastrophe family drives them to secretly ask for fast food, but then they are caught. At the Café des Amis, the
Catastrophe family members order salads when Madame Mimi arrives and reveals that Estelle Énergie is hiding behind a
plant eating a far from healthy meal.  

Épisode #4:
Nos Amis Les Bêtes

Mobile Version
[ School Version ]
Thomas has discovered that Madame Mimi keeps goldfish, despite the fact that apparently she doesn’t allow pets in the
building. Madame Zinzin and Jean-Luc go to the zoo and a whole series of animal-related incidents take place, starting with
Sonia, who has lost her dog, Fanfan. Céline and Thomas arrive with suspicious-looking parcels. Céline has smuggled in two
rabbits, which then go missing. We don’t see what’s in Thomas’ sack until later, but Madame Mimi thinks it’s a snake and is
horrified. Later, the Catastrophe family meets for a meal. Céline is so worried about her missing rabbits that she loses her
appetite. To make matters worse for her, there’s rabbit on the menu. Madame Mimi is angry to find that her plant has been half-
eaten by Céline’s two rabbits which she now has in a box. She is still not willing to have pets in the building, but Thomas
persuades her by giving her the aquarium he made.  

Épisode #5:
On Joue?

Mobile Version
[ School Version ]
Madame Mimi gets a Valentine and spends the day trying to discover who sent it. She also finds a snorkel mask and goes
around wearing it. It’s a day for romance: Céline is off to the cinema with Pierre and Jean-Luc has hundreds of cards to post.
Madame Mimi decides that Monsieur Brioche, the café owner, has sent her the Valentine. At the café that evening, Monsieur
Catastrophe nurses a sore back, as a result of his work-out with Estelle Énergie. Monsieur Brioche reclaims his snorkel from
Madame Mimi, who is disappointed to find out that Monsieur Brioche is not her admirer. Céline is devastated that Pierre has
stood her up, but all’s well that ends well: Dr. Blague reveals that he is Madame Mimi’s admirer and Pierre arrives with flowers
for Céline. Madame Mimi and Dr. Blague cycle off together on his tandem bike.  
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